Scraping Structured Data From Semi-Structured Documents

One of the most powerful capabilities that data science tools bring to the table is the capacity to deal with unstructured data and to turn it into something that can be structured and analyzed. Any data scientist worth their salt should be able to ‘scrape’ data from documents, whether from the web, locally or any other type of text-based asset.

Clustering Time Series Data in R

Increasingly, there is a desire to cluster observations based on how they change over time. Do they increase, decrease, stay the same? Are they consistently high, consistently low, or do they go up and down? Are some more complex in their changes than others?

21st Century HR – The three big shifts needed for the future

I am convinced that in the 21st century talent management will be the key differentiator of successful organizations. Within a couple of decades, no matter what measure you use, those with the most advanced approach to the recruiting, development and retention of talent will outperform those who lag behind.