Data, Math and Psych from Keith McNulty

I love coding in R, and I also code a little in Python and Javascript. Whenever I discover something new and interesting I usually write a blog post about it. My posts are for a wide variety of user backgrounds from beginners to more advanced programmers.

I write a lot of general commentary on the field of analytics. I’m very interested in how the field is developing and have a lot of opinions and ideas about how to improve how analytics and data science operates within organizations and businesses.

My expertise intersects in the relatively new field of People Analytics. I try to post in a way that offers strong theoretical and technical foundations to a field that is easily distracted by marketing and hype. Most of my posts relate to methodology and encourage professionals to find their own solutions rather than rely on mass-market technologies.

In my day to day work I apply data science and other digital technologies to the question of people, their talents and capabilities and how to manage all of these inside large organizations. I write a lot about work and life and how technology is changing both of these for better or worse.

I started out as a Pure Mathematician and I have never lost my love of the subject. I’m lucky that I still get to do math in my work, and I like to solve math problems and explore theories and interests. I write about interesting problems or unusual mathematical approaches, as well as new ways of understanding concepts.

I struggle to keep to any finite list of interests. Among the other things I might blog about from time to time are genealogy, history, archaeology, literature and popular culture.

About me

I’m a mathematician turned psychologist turned data scientist. Nowadays I use a fair amount of all three in my work and life. I’m British, Irish and Australian and I’ve lived many years in each of those three countries, but today I live in Hampshire, close to London. All opinions expressed on this site are my own and should not be attributed to any organization I am employed by or associated with.

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